Šeduvos gimnazija/Šeduva Gymnasium

Posted: rugsėjo 3, 2014 in 2014, NORDPLUS 2014-2015-2016, Šeduvos gimnazijoje

Šeduva Gymnasium dates back from 1941 and is located in three separate buildings. There are two good sports halls, a canteen, a school hall, library, buffet. About 700 students aged from 7 to 19 learn here.They are taught by 70 teachers who teach science subjects, languages (Lithuanian, English, French,, German), history , geography, technology, art, sports. You can attend various clubs such as modern or folk dances, karate, basketball, tennis, singing. The school has been renovated and is well equipped. The students and teachers are active and are involved in many projects (ETREPRENEURSHIP IS A GUARANTEE TO SUCCESS, PROFESIONS CONNECTED WITH ART NOW AND THEN)

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