Apklausos apie projekto veiklas Šeduvos gimnazijoje apibendrinimas

Posted: 20 vasario, 2019 in 2019, Kvalifikacija, VANDUO-IŠ GELMIŲ Į PAVIRŠIŲ 2018-2020

Students‘ Opinion   
The participants of Nordplus Junnior Project  asked their students for a feedback on the project. Šeduva gymnasium pupils found this project importnat. First of all,  it is fun to participate in this project because you can improve your English and find lots of friends. Pupils found it fascinating to hear different languages like Finnish and Estonian, also,  learning more about the cultures. The students of the three countries were very concerned about the water. They completed lots of missions that would help clean the water and appreciate it more. The project also helped to cooperate with other students. Pupils understood that the topic of this project is beneficial and informative. Throughout the project pupils were very excited that they could meet new people, learn about different kinds of water in other countries and travel to new places in Lithuania. The students are grateful that they can take part in NordPlus Junior project.
Teachers’ Opinion
The participants of ‘NordPlus Junior‘ Project  asked their teachers for a feedback on the project. Šeduva gymnasium teachers found this project beneficial. First of all, they are glad that our school students are participating in this project. They were curiously observing our students communicating with the pupils from Estonia and Finland, getting to know foreign cultures. Our teachers are glad that the participants had an opportunity to watch the process of water cleaning and serving. The teachers assume that the topic of the project is very informative and important for all human beings, because water is an inseparable part of our life. Also, they consider this project as a great improvement of English skills. During the project our teachers saw how excited everyone was while  exploring new places in Lithuania, getting to know our culture better. The teachers are thankful for the opportunity to be a part of ‘NordPlus Junior‘ Project

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