Projekto „Vanduo -iš gelmių į paviršių“ veiklos laukiant vizito į Suomiją

Posted: 6 balandžio, 2019 in 2019, VANDUO-IŠ GELMIŲ Į PAVIRŠIŲ 2018-2020, Šeduvos gimnazijoje

Rytoj, bandžio 7, grupė Šeduvos gimnazijos mokinių išvyksta tęsti projekto „Vanduo-iš gelmių į paviršių“ veiklų į Suomiją, Lappajarvi gimnaziją. Keleta darbų iki išvykimo:
EBRU,Creative lessons – “Art of Ebru – Painting on Water“.
During the task, students developed general and subject-specific competences:
· Disclosure of creativity;
· Learning to tolerate uncertainty (result is unpredictable, work is only one made);
· Emotion spreading;
· Developing self-confidence and motivation.
Painting on water comes from ancient China, where it was considered as a secret science of knowledge, later spread throughout the world. About the 16th century it has spread to the present Turkish lands, where it has been named Ebru. Painting on water is a lively process that changes every time and pulsates with different feelings and colors.
Using ebru’s paper decorating technique, students printed the sheets of paper. The drawings were born on the water incredibly colorful, woven in a variety of patterns and twisted in color threads. Painting on the water surprises, delights and it is difficult to get a bad result with it. For painting we chose cold colors that reminded us of water, ice, and sky. Later, between color spots and shapes, students were looking for a variety of coincidences, creating compositions using a graphite pencil and a black pen. Each touch of the hand leaves a personal, emotionally lively print in the drawing. There are no feelings, no same drawings – each one of them is unique.
Interpretation of Maironis’ poems “Poetry” and “From Birutė mountain”
The Interpretation of Maironis Ballad ‘‘Jūratė and Kastytis“
River motif in Maironis creation



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